Clients’ Most Common Financial Concerns:

What if I run out of money?

The biggest financial worry for most clients is that they’ll run out of money before they die. The prospect of depleting life-long savings can be overwhelming without proper education and preparation. But fear doesn’t have to drive your decisions. You have valuable resources available at New Perspective Wealth Management. Tayvon—an income planning specialist—is well prepared to help you identify ways to sustain growth and generate income during retirement. He listens. After carefully assessing where you’re starting and where you want to go, he creates customized plans to match your retirement needs, and he’ll walk with you hand-in-hand throughout retirement. His guidance, developed from years of experience and education, can help you to prepare for a comfortable, peaceful retirement.

What if the stock market crashes and I lose my savings?

Tayvon uses a diversified approach to investing, always with a focus on helping you reach your goals. Knowing that as you age, you will need to balance your investment risks, he fine tunes your portfolio accordingly. Risk factors and timeline adjustments naturally influence investment decisions. He’ll create a flexible plan that adapts to each transition of your life so that your assets are invested with appropriate risk levels for your age and circumstances.